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MasterGuard Insurance

Why should I go with MasterGuard?

Because unlike other policies, we're specifically designed for Memorial Masons, we don't charge any policies fees, our prices are very competitive and we're the ONLY policy endorsed by the National Association of Memorial Masons - NAMM. That's why we're the home of Memorial Masons Insurance.

How quickly can I arrange cover?

NOW. Over the phone with the MasterGuard team on 0161 234 9373

How long does a quotation take?

It's easy, about 5-10 minutes!

Who is the insurer?

Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Plc.

How can I pay for the policy?

You are able to pay by debit card over the phone or instalment facilities are usually available.  

I'm a member of NAMM. What do I do?

When you are talking to us just let us know your membership details. You will be entitled to up to 10%* discount off of the standard MasterGuard rates.

I’d like more information on becoming a StoneGuard Agent. What do I do?

To find out more about becoming a StoneGuard agent, give the StoneGuard team a call on 0500 820 420.

Will I need to complete any forms?

NO. Our policy is based on a statement of fact.

Will I receive my documentation quickly?

YES. All documentation is issued by us and will include your policy schedule and Employers Liability Certificate.

Will you inform me when it is due for renewal?

YES. Giving you plenty of time to review your cover and terms for the following year.

How can I adjust my levels of cover?

By simply contacting the MasterGuard team on 0161 234 9373

What Excesses will I pay?

Property Damage is only £250

Other excesses that apply:  Subsidence £1000

How do I make a claim?

General Claims Helpline:         0800 975 4281 (24 hours)


MasterGuard is a specialist insurance policy for memorial headstones.

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For over 100 years NAMM has been actively supporting and promoting memorial masons and their businesses.

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StoneGuard is a specialist insurance policy for memorial headstones.

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